Teen Calendar


I LOVE summer and am SO happy that it is here!  I hope each of you is enjoying the change of pace and the break from school.  Summer in Temple Teen world means TONS of fun, so get your calendars ready.

This month, we have Saturday Night Lights for those of you who LOVE to WORSHIP.  We also get to spend some time serving others together.  We will also have a blast with Guys’ Night and Girls’ Night!  And Messiah Conference is literally around the corner!  It’s almost too good to be true!

As far as Tuesdays are concerned this month, we will finish our series on Love and Purity!  I hope you will be there and enjoy thinking and growing and seeing how God’s Word applies to day to day lives for sure!

We will also begin preparing for our next fundraiser – the Silent Auction this month.  Utilize your time off from school to really work on this project.  You won’t regret it later.

Now that summer is here, it is the perfect time to develop your daily relationship with the Lord.  Without the hours and hours being spent at school and studying, you have much more control over how you spend your time.  I challenge you to make it a priority to read the Scriptures and pray every day – and if you already do – increase the time you spend with the Lord.  You have enough time to form a better habit before school starts back up – and then you can carry it into your routine at that time.  So, start now, this month, and experience life like never before!

Hope to see you soon,

Dara 🙂

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