Teen Calendar


April already?  Wow!  Enjoy your spring break and the fact that we are about to enter the last leg of the school year!  I am SO excited about our spring break trip to Florida for the YMJA Southeast Retreat, Inertia!  It is going to be fun and we are so excited to get to take you!.

We also get to celebrate Passover this month, and with it, we have the Beth Hallel seder.  I am looking forward to serving with those of you who volunteer.   We also have the Resurrection service.  How thankful we must be that the true Messiah did indeed conquer death and rise again during that special Passover so many years ago.

We will also be going roller skating together this month for some classic fun.

We will also observe Yom HaShoah towards the end of the month.  This is not a fun day, but a very important one.  Please make it a priority to come honor the memories of the victims, celebrate the lives of the survivors and remember this tragic part of our history.  May it never be repeated.

The semester is going to be coming to an end before you know it.  It’s hard to believe, but it will be just a few short weeks before it will be time to sign up for the summer events and trips.

The Lord our God LOVES YOU SO MUCH!  If you aren’t completely sure of this fact then you need MORE TIME with Him.  Dig in to His Word, dive in to worship, connect with other people who desire to follow Yeshua’s example.  Yes, go ahead, try living the life He gave you His way and live life like never before!

Hope to see you soon,

Dara 🙂

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