Tuesday Nights

Every Tuesday (except the last Tuesday of each month), the Beth Hallel Temple Teens meet in our MJCC Teen Room from 7:00-8:15 pm. There are good snacks, fun games or contests and lively worship to Adonai with song and dance led by our youth band. Then there is a time of Scripture based teaching about G-d and how He relates to our lives. Come join us for a Temple Teen Tuesday!

Weekend Events

Our youth group has a wide variety of events throughout the year. What do a Braves game, an amusement park, a concert, a corn maize, a whitewater rafting trip and an overnight in a cave have in common? They are all activities the Temple Teens have done. We don’t always go out to have fun, though. There are plenty of times when we get together in our own MJCC playing games, listening to music, playing sports, talking and just hanging out.

Retreats & Conferences

The Temple Teens travel a lot together. In fact, we have 2 retreats (one in Georgia and one in Florida) and 2 conferences (one Pennsylvania and one in Florida) that we attend each year. There’s nothing like getting away from the norm to experience new scenery, have fun with friends and focus on G-d.

Small Groups

Temple Teens can choose to participate in an extra Bible Study that meets once each month. These groups are not co-ed and they are based on age. They are designed to be a place where Temple Teens can feel safe to talk about anything and get prayer and wisdom for the situations in their lives.

Youth Band

Beth Hallel has a fantastic youth band that consists of musicians from the Temple Teen and College groups. The bands lead the music in a Beth Hallel Shabbat service once every month. Temple Teens who are in a band also lead worship on Tuesday nights in the Teen Room. Some of our band members are even writing new music of their own!

Youth Dance

One Tuesday night each month, there is a dance class for Temple Teens and College students at Beth Hallel. Our most experienced dancers are part of a dance troupe that presents dances at our quarterly youth led Shabbat services and at other special events at Beth Hallel.

Youth Services

Four times each year, the Temple Teens and College students at Beth Hallel lead an entire Shabbat service (except for the sermon). Our students lead the service and liturgy, play the worship music, dance, usher, serve the oneg and more. At Beth Hallel, a bar-mitzvah is only the beginning of leading services for our students!

Temple Teen Shammashim (Servants)

This is our student leadership team. Sophomores, juniors and seniors who have been active in the youth group for at least 6 months are eligible to take 3 extra leadership classes and then apply to become a Temple Teen Shammash. Once on the team, these motivated students receive monthly leadership training, help plan and lead events, create a welcoming environment for the youth group, pray for their friends in the youth group and more.

Talmidim (Students)

This is an opportunity for Temple Teens to schedule time with the Temple Teen directors for personal encouragement, advice and prayer.


Life is expensive these days, and even more so when there are as many amazing opportunities as there are on the Temple Teen schedule. To help make it possible for all the students to be able to be involved in the majority of events, the Temple Teens have three major fundraisers each year. In recent years, we have had great success from our annual Ruach-a-thon and Silent Auction and this year we are anticipating a fabulous Sweethearts’ Dinner & Dance.

Dara sends a weekly message to the Temple Teens (on Facebook and by email) and an additional weekly email to parents of the Temple Teens to remind everyone of important information regarding upcoming events. If you would like to receive these Monday Messages, please submit your request to .