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yeladim_logoTuesday Night Scripture Study

This mid-week program is available to children of all ages! It is every Tuesday except for the last one of each month. This is a time for the children to come and learn how to deepen their relationship with Yeshua. It’s also a great opportunity for the children to be encouraged by their peers. The curriculum consists of a Bible based lesson that includes related games and crafts, as well as Scripture memorization. A portion of each Tuesday night class is also focused on basic Hebrew language instruction.

We have seven classes on Tuesday nights for our children. The classrooms are in our MJCC, and the students are grouped by grade level as follows:

  • Pre-K-Kindergarten – Upper Level
  • 1st-2nd grades – Upper Level
  • 3rd-4th grades – Upper Level
  • 5th-6th grades – Upper Level
  • 7th-8th grades – Lower Level
  • 9th-12th grades (Temple Teens) – Upper Level
  • College – Lower Level

Upcoming Events

  • October 1st: Building the CBH Sukkah at 10am
  • October 3rd: No Scripture Study
  • October 4th: Sukkot Service; Yeladim Sharim Sing
  • October 7th: CBH Sukkot Picnic; Preteen Camping
  • October 10th: No Scripture Study
  • October 11th: Simchat Torah Service
  • October 17th: Scripture Study
  • October 24th: Scripture Study
  • October 31st: Fall Festival

Shabbat School Classes

We also have classes for children during Shabbat services. See Shabbat Services for more information.

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