Everyone is welcome to come worship at Congregation Beth Hallel and we love having new members added to our mishpacha (family). With that said, we believe that actually becoming a member is not a commitment to be made in haste. We have a different philosophy regarding membership than most places. Many congregations look to sign up members aggressively and, once their dues are paid, it is less relevant whether or not they attend regularly. Beth Hallel is very different in this regard. We love mishpacha (family). This means community. The vast majority of our members attend Shabbat services regularly. Why is this? Simply, they want to be here.

People who are considering becoming members have the opportunity to do so two times every year by signing up to take Beth Hallel’s New Member Course. This course takes place in our MJCC on Tuesday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm while in session. The classes cover a wide variety of topics such as the history of Messianic Judaism, Jewish customs and holidays (including the Messianic perspective) and the commitments of membership. Applications for membership are not accepted until the applicant has already been attending services regularly.

Contact our synagogue office at or 770-641-3000 ext. 0 for information about when the next New Member course will begin.

Home Chavurot

Members of Congregation Beth Hallel are given the opportunity to participate in a Home Chavurah group (based on the geographic location of their homes). These groups meet in members’ homes to study the Scriptures, pray and enjoy each others company (usually with plenty of food). Many close bonds are formed as a result of these special monthly meetings.